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       First lesson Free!!

  Terms and Conditions Apply

  • £25 pay as you go

  • £225 block of ten hours

  • £25 Motorway Lessons

  • £180 Pass Plus Course

  • £25 Refresher Lessons

  • £75 Presenting for Dorchester Test

  • £50 Presenting for Poole Test

     * Payment methods*


     Cash, cheque or Bank                transfer




Choosing a driving school  to suit your needs and help you through that milestone in your life can be time consuming and risky, after all, you are parting with your cash. Many driving schools will qoute

' nervous pupils welcome' or 'patient and friendly instructors',

well lets face it, that should be the norm surely. Thats where we come in, we make sure our customers look forward to their next lessons, you will be learning in a friendly and comfortably enviroment using brand new cars.

Check out our standard procedures below.

  • When we first make contact with you, we will ask you a few simple questions so that we know at what level to start your training.

  • We suit the lessons to your learning speed, remember we are here for you, not you for us.

  • We don't employ car share so the lesson is yours alone.

  • We can pick you up from home, school or work, within a reasonble distance.

  • You must have a provisional licence to be able to drive on the public roads, this can be applied for when you are 16 years old, although the entitlement to drive on public roads will not start until your 17th birthday.

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