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Learning To Drive

Learning to drive won't be as stressful as you first imagined as long as you follow the right structure and not run before you can walk.

Firstly you must make sure you have your provisional licence before you can drive on the public roads, however, you can book your first lesson before it arrives so that you are ready to go when you turn 17.

Everyone is different when learning, you may come from another driving school or had private practise with parents or an absolute begiiner, whatever  stage you are at we will suit our coaching to your level and pace.

Many driving schools can spend hours trawling you through test routes, whilst this may be beneficial on the

run up to test and familiarise yourself with the general area but it does little else. We at Aware Driving Academy teach people to drive not just to pass the test, by the time you have finished your course with us you should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of not only signs and driving procedures but also how to read and interact with other road users, this will help you stay safe throughout your driving life. We will give you a more in depth knowledge of why you are performing certain actions and how it can benefit not only you but other road users.

  You will recieve from us a driver record, this helps you understand where you can concentrate your efforts and improve your driving on a weekly basis. We can also give in car support when studying for the theory test using Ipad Apps from the people that set the tests so you will know where your level is before you book your theory test.

   Lessons start from 1 hour blocks through to 2 hours, semi intensive courses are subject to availability.

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Bags of informtion from your first lesson to post test driving

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